👋 About me

I am a final-year Ph.D. candidate in the School of Software Engineering at South China University of Technology, advised by Prof. Mingkui Tan and Prof. Chuang Gan. I engage in developing an agent that can understand and interact with the multi-modal world. Toward this goal, my research mainly focus on:

  • Embodied AI: Visual Navigation; Robot Manipulation
  • Multi-Modal Video Understanding: Self-Supervised Video Representation Learning; Temporal Action Localization; Visually-Aligned Sound Generation

I am currently seeking opportunities in a company specializing in embodied AI or multi-modal video understanding. If you have a suitable position available, please feel free to contact me.

🗞️ News

  • 2024.05: 3D-VLA is accepted by ICML 2024
  • 2024.02: Two papers are accepted by CVPR 2024
  • 2024.01: One papers is accepted by ICLR 2024
  • 2023.09: Two papers are accepted by NeurIPS 2023 and one is seleceted as Spotlight!
  • 2023.09: Happy to join UMass Amherst as a visiting scholar working closely with Prof. Chuang Gan!
  • 2023.07: One paper is accepted by ICCV 2023!
  • 2023.06: Happy to join MIT-IBM Watson Lab for intership!
  • 2023.02: One paper is accepted by CVPR 2023!
  • 2023.02: The code for MGMap and ActiveCamera is now available.
  • 2022.11: Two NeurIPS 2022 papers are selected as Spotlight!
  • 2022.10: Two papers are accepted by NeurIPS 2022!
  • 2021.01: One paper is accepted by AAAI 2021!


3D-VLA: 3D Vision-Language-Action Generative World Model

Haoyu Zhen, Xiaowen Qiu, Peihao Chen, Jincheng Yang, Xin Yan, Yilun Du, Yining Hong, Chuang Gan

ICML 2024

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MultiPLY: A Multisensory Object-Centric Embodied Large Language Model in 3D World

Yining Hong, Zishuo Zheng, Peihao Chen, Yian Wang, Junyan Li, Zhenfang Chen, Chuang Gan

CVPR 2024

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RILA: Reflective and Imaginative Language Agent for Zero-Shot Semantic Audio-Visual Navigation

Zeyuan Yang, Jiageng Liu, Peihao Chen, Anoop Cherian, Tim K. Marks, Jonathan Le Roux, Chuang Gan

CVPR 2024

CoVLM: Composing Visual Entities and Relationships in Large Language Models Via Communicative Decoding

Junyan Li, Delin Chen, Yining Hong, Zhenfang Chen, Peihao Chen, Yikang Shen, Chuang Gan

ICLR 2024

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A2Nav: Action-Aware Zero-Shot Robot Navigation by Exploiting Vision-and-Language Ability of Foundation Models

Peihao Chen, Xinyu Sun, Hongyan Zhi, Runhao Zeng, Thomas H. Li, Gaowen Liu, Mingkui Tan, Chuang Gan

NeurIPS Workshop 2023

3D-LLM: Injecting the 3D World into Large Language Models

Yining Hong, Haoyu Zhen, Peihao Chen, Shuhong Zheng, Yilun Du, Zhenfang Chen, Chuang Gan

NeurIPS 2023 (Spotlight)

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FGPrompt: Fine-grained Goal Prompting for Image-goal Navigation

Xinyu Sun, Peihao Chen, Jugang Fan, Jian Chen, Thomas H. Li, Mingkui Tan

NeurIPS 2023

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Learning Vision-and-Language Navigation from YouTube Videos

Kunyang Lin*, Peihao Chen*, Diwei Huang, Thomas H. Li, Mingkui Tan, Chuang Gan

ICCV 2023

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Masked Motion Encoding for Self-Supervised Video Representation Learning

Xinyu Sun*, Peihao Chen*, Liangwei Chen, Changhao Li, Thomas H Li, Mingkui Tan, Chuang Gan

CVPR 2023

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Weakly-Supervised Multi-Granularity Map Learning for Vision-and-Language Navigation

Peihao Chen*, Dongyu Ji*, Kunyang Lin, Runhao Zeng, Thomas H Li, Mingkui Tan, Chuang Gan

NeurIPS 2022 (Spotlight)

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Learning Active Camera for Multi-Object Navigation

Peihao Chen, Dongyu Ji, Kunyang Lin, Weiwen Hu, Wenbing Huang, Thomas H Li, Mingkui Tan, Chuang Gan

NeurIPS 2022 (Spotlight)

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RSPNet: Relative Speed Perception for Unsupervised Video Representation Learning

Peihao Chen, Deng Huang, Dongliang He, Xiang Long, Runhao Zeng, Shilei Wen, Mingkui Tan, Chuang Gan

AAAI 2021

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Foley Music: Learning to Generate Music from Videos

Chuang Gan, Deng Huang, Peihao Chen, Joshua B. Tenenbaum, Antonio Torralba

ECCV 2020

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Dense Regression Network for Video Grounding

Runhao Zeng, Haoming Xu, Wenbing Huang, Peihao Chen, Mingkui Tan, Chuang Gan

CVPR 2020

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Location-aware Graph Convolutional Networks for Video Question Answering

Deng Huang*, Peihao Chen*, Runhao Zeng, Qing Du, Mingkui Tan, Chuang Gan

AAAI 2020

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Self-supervised Moving Vehicle Tracking with Stereo Sound

Chuang Gan, Hang Zhao, Peihao Chen, David Cox, Antonio Torralba

ICCV 2019

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Generating Visually Aligned Sound from Videos

Peihao Chen, Yang Zhang, Mingkui Tan, Hongdong Xiao, Deng Huang, and Chuang Gan

TIP 2020

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Relation Attention for Temporal Action Localization

Chen Peihao, Gan Chuang, Shen Guangyao, Huang Wenbing, Zeng Runhao, Tan Mingkui


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Breaking Winner-Takes-All: Iterative-Winners-Out Networks for Weakly Supervised Temporal Action Localization

Runhao Zeng, Chuang Gan, Peihao Chen, Wenbing Huang, Qingyao Wu, Mingkui Tan

IEEE Trans. Image Processing 28(12) 2019

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🏆 Award

  • 2023: The Principle’s Scholarship of SCUT
  • 2020: The Principle’s Scholarship of SCUT
  • 2018: The First Prize Scholarship of SCUT
  • 2017: The Second Prize of the NXP Cup National University Students Intelligent Car Race